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Anime Manga Chainsaw Man Cosplay Mitaka Asa Costume,JK Lolita Skirt Suit For Festival Perform Cosplay

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Belt is sturdy, though even on the near smallest belt hole it's a little big on me but it's good quality. I wouldn't recommend wearing this daily though. It's nice to wear with costumes or rarely for interviews maybe. War Devil Possession: After having her body and half of her brain taken over by the War Devil, Asa is able to tap into the powers of the War Devil. So far, the only types of weapons created have been either melee weapons such as swords and spears or explosives such as a hand grenade. It is unknown whether Asa can create more advanced weapons such as modern firearms. Swordsmanship: Asa carries a katana as her weapon of choice, suggesting that she is capable of handling it. She is later shown using some kind of sword as her weapon of choice.

With the exception of "Ready To Ship" garments which can be shipped within 48 hours, the delivery time of most garments in our store is around 7-15 days. Akane Sawatari † • Aldo • Denji ‡ • Hirofumi Yoshida • Joey † • Kenzo • Santa Claus ‡ • Tolka † • Asa Mitaka • Yoru Enhanced Durability: After the fear of war had rapidly risen across the world, Asa and Yoru experienced a power boost, which made it possible for Asa to stop Yoshida's blade (which was previously able to cut off her arm) with her bare hand, causing a mere skin-deep wound. The processing times for presale items are estimated based on the factory's past production experience, we can’t promise it will delay or come out sooner. Whether you choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements, the costumes are personally tailored for you from scratch, some of which can be adjusted in style and size. Most of our products are handmade, as we know single-piece production is time-consuming and costly, so which will take a processing/tailoring time (7-15 days or more).Asa doesn't cope well with failure or when things don't go her way. Because of past experiences, she is extremely afraid of making mistakes. Once she does make a mistake, however, she usually gets very angry and blames everyone around her except herself. [3] Though after calming down she'll break down in self-deprecating rants. [4] [5] She seeks validation as shown by her internal monologue during her meeting with Yoshida or breaking down and seeking comfort from Yoru despite being afraid and screaming at her mere moments prior. Items for one time wear or indoor use like shoe covers, boots tops, costume shoes, etccan not be returned. No belt loops on dress. This is most likely just a me problem but it would be a bit better to have belt loops on the dress so the belt doesn't fall off. Sure, you could add your own if you're decent at sewing. But otherwise this might not bother you since you can just tighten the belt. It's now confirmed, that Yoru's scars are visible to other characters when she's in control of Asa's body. Not just the readers. Given how there have been other humans with contracts who arguably have unusual features, as well as devils who pretended to be human contracts and stood in as such, this could explain why no one still suspects Asa to be anything other than another human who may gain her features from some unknown devil contract.

Denji and Asa's relationship begins to improve after days of being trapped in the aquarium. Denji finds Asa sitting alone and asks how she is doing, to which she apologizes to him for the situation they are in and blames herself for asking him on a date in the first place. Denji tries to cheer her up by smiling and trying to find her something to eat, asking if she's ever had starfish before, which also implies that he was paying attention to her during her exposition on sea life. They further bond after Denji says he thinks Asa is fun to watch. This cheers up Asa as she enthusiastically affirms Denji's assessment of her character. Amused, Denji says that her enthusiastic and self-aggrandizing attitude reminds him of an old friend, implying that friend to be Power. Object Weapon Creation: Asa is able to turn any object that belongs to her into a weapon. An object that belongs to her can either be something she bought or took. Object weapons created by Asa thus far are: Great shirt, not see through at all! (Finally, a white shirt that's not see through..). The collar is pretty difficult to get a ribbon under though.. but that's most likely just a me problem. Asa and Yoru’s exact species or "type" hasn't been confirmed or explicitly stated in the manga as of currently, which has lead to much debate about their species, but for simplicity of the wiki and until else is confirmed, Asa will be referred to as the living host of the War Fiend. Asa's debut heavily parallels that of Denji as both her parents are deceased and she is killed in a betrayal by someone close to her, the Class President, and in Denji's case the yakuza handler. She is then revived by a Devil who inhabits her body, and uses the newfound powers she gained to kill her murderer. This was likely intentional, especially since the chapter titles for Chapter 1 and Chapter 98 parallel one another.

After worldwide fear of war increased, Asa's weapon making abilities enhanced and she no longer needs to touch the object to turn in into a weapon; merely calling out its name will suffice. After Hirofumi Yoshida introduces Asa to Denji, there is immediate friction between them due to their conflicting attitudes, and when Denji reveals himself to be Chainsaw Man, she doubts him and calls him a loser. The next time they meet, Denji is aggressive toward her, but still accepts her offer to take him out on a date. Room 606 Sword (606号室剣 606-Gōshitsu ken): A large claymore created from Asa's apartment complex that she bought. The length of the weapon is nearly as tall as Asa, with pipes, a vent, a ceiling fan and leaves sprouting around the hilt. This sword was strong enough to instantly destroy a tentacle of the Octopus Devil. This weapon was created without the need of Asa/Yoru touching it. Asa grows used to talking with her devilish companion as seen when she instinctively tries chatting with her during the aquarium date after being separated. [7] However despite growing used to Yoru's presence she's still not fully comfortable with her. She can get easily scared by Yoru due to her deeply mistrusting her. In an outburst she says she has no reason to trust her to as they barely know each other, how Yoru always says disturbing stuff, takes over her body whenever and cut her hand moments before. Yoru has made it clear to Asa that she only cares about her own objective and will kill her if she becomes troublesome. Yoru has also never claimed that she cares about Asa or wants what's best for her. Likewise, Asa has little care for Yoru, though she briefly contemplates her choice upon seeing Yoru's terrified expression, she ultimately ignores her and decides to go forward with her suicide attempt even though she'll kill Yoru alongside her. [8] With the cosplayers' expressions and clothes, the two have accurately embodied the nature of Asa and Yoru's relationship. The second part of Chainsaw Man opens with a new protagonist, high school loner Asa Mitaka, who accidentally attracts the attention of the Justice Devil. As Asa lies in a pool of her own blood, she meets the gaze of the War Devil, who offers her a contract: in exchange for saving Asa's life, the high schooler will allow the War Devil to inhabit her body. Nothing comes without a cost, though. While Asa is now alive, she has to share her body with Yoru, and her thoughts are no longer private. What's more, Yoru harbors intense hatred against Chainsaw Man and will stop at nothing to find a way to defeat him. Chainsaw Man: Yoru and Asa's Relationship

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