Spanking Classics - Volume Three

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Spanking Classics - Volume Three

Spanking Classics - Volume Three

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I offer her a spanking present, which will be a mystery gift. We discuss our next steps. She leaves, happy and excited. Just a couple of points you may be interested in. The recording I have of "The Australain Ballet" was live from the Victorian Arts Centre on 20th. June, 1989. However, the copy I have was released in 1994. Perhaps it was re-released in 2000 for your enjoyment? The Dandy was a bit hit and miss re CP, but it did have Desperate Dan-not only a dead ringer facially for my Dad, but totally barmily surreal. The town where Dan lives, Catcus Gulch, ought to be somewhere in Texas given the way Dan dresses. And let's face it, what could more delightful than seeing some snooty, spoilt & refined prima ballerina get up-ended & spanked there in public for all to see!!??, Now there’s stereotyping for you. I didn’t recognise it as such then, but stopped buying Hotspur when they had a quiz in which Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians was an answer in its’ original title.

I have a vague recollection of Teacher’s Pet too so I probably read Cor!! when I was younger but I don’t clearly remember it: nor any of the characters therein. I can think of at least two other examples of a spanking scene shown on British television where the girl had her skirt deliberately raised to be spanked on her panties. They were both transmissions of the ballet La Fille Mal Gardée, where the heroine's pantomime dame mother (played by a man) puts her across 'her' knee, turns up her skirt and petticoats and, in some performances, gets a few slaps in before the punishment is interrupted. This was broadcast in 1962 with the original cast of Stanley Holden and Nadia Nerina, and another version with Ronald Emblen and Lesley Collier was shown in 1981; the latter is currently available in Britain on video and DVD. Of course, this was high culture rather than 7.30 lowbrow sitcom, but it does show that panties spankings were not completely unbroadcastable! This makes it very interesting from an historical perspective because of the insight it does give into children’s lives at the times these comics were published.

Eskimo Nell (1974)

We enter the cafe, “ooops, I forgot to mention to the waitresses that I would not need my red spanking cushion today.”

I had a look @ pictures of Nadia Nerida. She is very pretty & would have made a wonderful spankee. I remember watching a documentary series on English male ballet dancers. As they drove up to the school @ which he learned his trade, he pointed out "Spanker's Wood". He went on to explain, "And it's called that for good reason!" There must be some fun tales re the spanked tales of some of England's finest young ballerinas there to be found! Sir John tells us, in very enjoyable detail, that the spanking scene happens right at the start of the second episode of the series, that Roberta Rex lies across his knee herself for other purposes (rather than being put there for a spanking), and that Jewel seizes the opportunity to spank her with his hand. Quantcast Rank: Not ranked/Not available The Quantcast rank is a measure of's popularity. I am currently involved in a family history project. The names, events and places only come to life when put into context – not so much the big events of history but the everyday. I am sure the same applies to understanding the social history of school CP. Comics were one small but important part of history and the context. They certainly helped normalise school CP for me and made it much less traumatic.Ring….ring…ring….ring… She is almost ready to put it down but I answer. “Good afternoon, Mr.Jones Speaking. Can I help?” Sophie, the waitress, smiles and offers Rowena a cushion. “Thank you.” I say…” But no cushion is needed today.” I bought a French version in which the spanking was omitted. Useful! Later I bought a copy complete with the Tonkin spanking from the "ABC Shop", where ABC = "Australian Broadcasting Commission". I still have it & may still be available. Perhaps in "Cinema Swats 6", Dan could string together a short series of LFMG & KMK spankings including professional & college productions?! And one of those issues from 1955 had 11 comic strips-in NINE someone got spanked or caned-see what I mean re fladge-mad? God, there was even one, Cat & Dog, featuring those 2 animals. Cat misbehaves & gets spanked by the expedient of Master holding a bone in front of Dog, whose wildly-wagging tail has a carpet-slipper tied to it!!!!!!!! I hear nervous breathing. I have the hook baited, I know it is dangling tantalisingly in her mind. People say I have a nice, soothing, calm voice.

Anyway, I built up quite a collection of images and strips to use (I wasn’t going to use all of them, I wanted to have a good range to choose from), and so now that I can’t use them in the book, I thought I’d share them here. I got the idea of a secret area from when I used to have stalls, at markets, a man I got to know, showed me how it works. Let me let you into a traders secret. She sends me a couple of photos of her, peering between her legs. I masturbate to orgasm as I listen to her doing the same. In any event I suspect you will not be satisfied until you have access to the original stage directions(therebeing mo dialog for the scene in question!).I didn't know such things were available ! Does one just write to the BBC or is there some sort of 'vault" you can visit? Statistical Graphics of classicspanking.comSelect an option below to analyse several graphic statistics.

To say the least, Sir John's detailed account of the spanking scene reveals a very, very good memory indeed, in more ways than one. When Spankmanuk first drew the series to our attention, he told us that Jimmy Jewel's character was always threatening his daughter, and that after some time he made good his threats, put her across his knee and spanked her with a hairbrush. Naughtiness can be found in many places, each with a miriad of nooks, crannies, and corners to explore. Such as ‘Vintage Fairs.’ , which I frequent often. I deal with curios, antiques and collectibles, when not spanking. I have a secret area, where people who know, ask…”er, hmmm, got anything interesting?”

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