Phostrogen 86601205 Organic All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, 1L - All Purpose Organic Fertiliser - Enriched with Seaweed Extract for Healthy Growth - More Vegetables, Brighter Blooms - Plant Nutrition

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Phostrogen 86601205 Organic All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, 1L - All Purpose Organic Fertiliser - Enriched with Seaweed Extract for Healthy Growth - More Vegetables, Brighter Blooms - Plant Nutrition

Phostrogen 86601205 Organic All Purpose Liquid Plant Food, 1L - All Purpose Organic Fertiliser - Enriched with Seaweed Extract for Healthy Growth - More Vegetables, Brighter Blooms - Plant Nutrition

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It is one of the best liquid fertiliser a gardener can use, as it has a high nitrogen: phosphorous: potassium ratio of 16:20:24 and has all the trace elements a plant will need. The roots will also be healthier as healthy roots make a stronger plant. It can even be used for seedlings as long as it is used at the recommended dosage. HOW TO USE PHOSTROGEN? Anything of a nature that for hygiene or associated health and safety - this includes the Outdoor Spas, Mattresses and Divan Sets

I have used phostrogen for a number of years with great results. My plants most certainly look healthier, my blooms are definitely bigger and more abundant. This is only observed if you feed regularly throughout the growing season. Miss a feed or two and your plants will not be as healthy at all. If you wish to return your item to Robert Dyas, you can do so by one of the following methods: 1. Request a Collection via Robert Dyas Customer Services With a range of organic garden fertilisers, Phostrogen offers gardeners a greener choice to grow healthy crops and flowers. Once the solution is made, water the plants immediately around the roots or you can spray it on the leaves as a foliar feed. If your plants are starting to have pale or yellowing foliage, fewer flowers, droopy, limp or weak stems, and just showing general signs of slower growth than usual, you may have a hungry plant on your hands. These are all signs that the soil is short on the nutrients you need, and if you've been watering regularly and haven't had problems with insects or disease, chances are your plants need feeding. Is food for plants necessary?

For application prior to planting, mix granules into the soil/compost approximately 7 days before planting. The micronutrients and trace elements are present in the right qualities to ensure plants do not suffer from any deficiencies at all. If you add the right amount of product at the right time, you can be safely ensured that your plants will be at their best. Bulbs – Free Delivery – Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory OnlySorry – items unavailable in other states due to quarantine restrictions.

Already-establish perennial flowers and herbs will also need food for plants as they begin to emerge at the start of the growing season. This is to encourage a healthy growth. You'll just want to be careful not to disturb the roots or any new growth that has already started to come through. Feed regularlyMiracle-Gro Indoor Concentrated Plant Food does not fancy the outside world. No, this product will be feeding house plants. From cactuses (cacti?) to citrus and bonsai plants, this liquid solution can feed them all. Blending 9 different nutrients and an NPK 7-3-5 fertiliser, its high-nitrogen formula will make the leaves glowing green. Even when the plants are not as exposed to sunlight as they would like to be, the formula will make sure they're able to grow big and strong. Compound fertilisers: These contain a mixture of different nutrients, and may be balanced (containing similar proportions of all the major plant nutrients) or may supply more of some nutrients than others, as per the requirements of different crops. They may be organic or inorganic, or contain both.

Best plant food for indoor and outdoor use: Phostrogen Organic All Purpose Liquid Plant Food - view on Robert Dyas For Houseplants add 1/8 of a scoop per litre of water and use its every week as a direct feed to the soils or as a foliar feed. Its my understanding that Tomato feeds such as Tomorite and Phostrogen are essentially the same thing - both being high in Potassium. There will be small differences in the trace elements that are included, but I can't judge the effect, if any, of that. I suspect the major difference is in the marketing. This is not intended to be a full statement of your rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. Full details of your rights are available from your Local Authority’s Trading Standards Office. How To Return A Product Since I began using phostrogen several years ago, I have noticed a significant difference in my performance. A quarter scoop per 4.5 litres of water per week is recommended for young plants and seedlings. The water for Houseplants should be adjusted to 1/8 of a scoop per litre, and this should be fed directly to the soil every week. The Different Ways To Fertilize With Phostrogen

Phostrogen Tomato Food

It has multiple uses in the garden greenhouse or even for houseplants. For your plants to be at their healthiest you need to be consistent yourself. You need to consistently water and feed your plants throughout the growing season. Liquid fertilisers are ideal for those who like watering there plants frequently, as this soluble feed is added per scoopful into a watering can. In this article, I will be reviewing Phostrogen plant food to see if its suitability in container gardening or gardening in general. In a previous article have talked about slow-release fertilizers and its suitability to release nutrients to plants slowly over the growing season. Watering can full of liquid fertilizer would do your plants good There are many ways to apply fertilisers, and the method you choose will greatly depend on the product you are using. Here are some of the most common methods of application, along with examples of when you would use this method.

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