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Pisces Horoscope Scented Candle

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Pisces are known for being highly creative and artistic. Because of this nature, they are often thought of as the creators of the zodiac wheel. Their creativity can manifest in many ways, but Pisces are often drawn to some kind of arts and they use this as an outlet for all of those deep emotions they harbor and experience. This sensitivity and empathy, combined with their free-running imagination, makes them excellent artists in whatever discipline they feel most drawn to. They don’t let earthly limitations stand in the way. They can imagine worlds and ideas outside the everyday line of thinking, which makes for beautiful creations. They especially love all things fantasy and otherwordly. Highly Intuitive Pisces are also very compatible with earth signs — Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Think of how these elements work in nature — earth is the hard surface over which water flows. Earth signs can help keep Pisces somewhat grounded and realistic while still understanding and appreciating their imaginative nature. As a mutable sign , Pisces are more adaptable to changes. They are not necessarily like the cardinal signs who are the trailblazers, constantly looking for new ways to do something and new projects to start (Cancerians). Nor are they the fixed signs that prefer things to stay exactly the way they are (Scorpios).Pisces is somewhere in between. They go with the flow. They’re flexible. And they typically take the time to consider many different angles before making a choice. Fundamental Pisces Traits Empathetic Pisces make wonderful life partners. They are caring and loyal and always want to make the people around them feel happy and understood. This makes their partner feel valued and seen. However, Pisces’ tendency to put others’ emotions before their own can cause problems in a relationship. If you’re dating a Pisces, try to be there for them in the same way they are always thinking of your emotions. Encourage them to share how they’re feeling and help them find ways to put their needs first when the situation calls for it.

With jasmine blossoms, calming lavender and bright mandarin, a Gemini definitely won’t get bored of this 100 percent soy-derived candle. Cancer verifyErrors }}{{ message }}{{ /verifyErrors }}{{ A Virgo’s vision for their home is a comfortable, welcoming and soothing place to rest and recharge. Scents that instantly calm their senses and create peace are a must for any late-August to mid-September baby. West recommends coconut as a prime ingredient for any Virgo’s scent collection. “Many ancient cultures prized coconut for ritual purification and since Virgo is constantly bombarded by unpleasant details and often in service to others, they need to cleanse their psyches constantly,” she explains. Even though Virgos desire harmonious homes, they shouldn’t use sage to cleanse their own, since that will feel too harsh. Because they prefer a more gentle and subtle approach, West suggests sweetgrass instead.

As one of the most beloved candle brands, Cancers will adore coming home to the scent of fluffy, sugar-y cupcakes baking. Hey, they might be so inspired, they could whip up a batch of their own! Leo Pisces are often very close with their families, especially siblings, and their family pets! Their nurturing, compassionate nature leads them to want to support those closest to them. Even if a Pisces does not have as close of a relationship with their biological family, they often form their own family unit with people in their life and use this support system as a base for how they approach other areas of their life. Shop for Pisces Candles Here Understanding the Pisces in Your Life Neptune ~ Subtle energies, visualisation, divination, dream work, unconditional/spiritual love, compassion, crystal work. To create comfort, foster inspiration and ignite creativity, an Aries, a Taurus, a Virgo and a Pisces all crave—and need—a variety of smells in their homes. And while spices wafting through the kitchen air is ideal for some signs, others might reap a headache from the intensity of the aroma. Or vanilla may be a pleasant scent for a handful of signs, while others find it too mutable. To help decipher which scents work best for you (and which ones don’t), we asked celebrity astrologer Kristin West, to give us the high and low notes for each of the zodiac signs.

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When the sun enters Pisces it's the time of 'breaking waters'. The snow is melting and what was previously solid ground and crystal clear ice turns into slush and mud. Pisces is a very watery sign and may likewise rapidly change moods from seemingly stable to emotional outbreaks that seem to come from nowhere. Pisces can form lasting bonds with fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) as well as air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius), but these relationships will need time to grow to help each partner understand their needs and outward personalities. Pisces and Friendship Pisces are known for their high level of intuition, even being thought of as psychic in many cases. This is one of the best-known Pisces traits. Their wild imagination, deep empathy for others and sensitive nature make them more tuned in to the spiritual world, which often leads them to psychic endeavors. Pisces might find themselves drawn to a particular kind of divination — be it Tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, or runes.

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