Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Growth and Scalp Treatment 8 oz.

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Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Growth and Scalp Treatment 8 oz.

Regenepure DR Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Growth and Scalp Treatment 8 oz.

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The shampoo is a pale blue shampoo with a pearly sheen. The shampoo smells like spearmint gum which isn’t unpleasant at all. The shampoo foamed well when washing and I could tell immediately it contained a menthol type substance. If anything the menthol was too strong – the vapors made me close my eyes while washing. I’m not a huge fan of menthol but I know some of you love it. It does cool the scalp, I’ll give you that. My problem with it is that it’s just another cosmetic ingredient. It doesn’t really serve a clinical purpose. I’m all for the minimal approach when formulating shampoos – it tends to reduce the chances of people reacting negatively to the shampoos. Our Regenepure shampoos are designed to go along with anyone’s hair regimen, but we actually recommend using our Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray. Our Regenepure DR and NT with our Precision Minoxidil Spray allows for optimal results. The Regenepure DR helps to clear the scalp, allowing for maximum absorption of our minoxidil spray. What sets our minoxidil spray apart from others, is that it is designed with an innovative long-nose applicator which targets the areas of hair loss making it mess-free and waste-free unlike messy foams and droppers. Is your product scented? I am sensitive to perfumes and scents. I can only use unscented products. Is your product line scented or unscented? Thank you, For me, it did not cure my "itchy scalp"; however, in my case the itchiness (and flakes) was caused primarily by morning/night applications of Lipogaine (Minoxidil). Switching to Rogaine foam in the morning, and Lipogaine liquid at night has all but stopped the itchiness and drastically reduced the amount of "white flakes". It is also important to note that the Regenepure Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray works best when used in conjunction with the Regenepure DR Hair and scalp treatment Shampoo, as the shampoo will help reduce hair loss causing buildup, cleanse and detoxify hair follicles; allowing for optimal minoxidil absorption. How Minoxidil Works Lastly our Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner is formulated to add volume, shine and optimal moisture to the scalp and hair strands with ingredients like Jojoba oil, Keratin and Silk Protein. Jojoba Oil is similar to the oil naturally produced on the scalp while Keratin and silk protein have been shown to increase the hairs moisture and shine. Also all of our products are sulfate and paraben free, never stripping the hair of its natural oils. Is Regenepure NT a conditioner? How do I use it with Regenepure DR? Do you have a conditioner?

I can use Regenepure DR daily getting the full benefits of its 1% Ketoconazole (the highest NON-Prescription amount allowed by law) without the negative side effects most other hair loss shampoo's have. The one other shampoo that I regard as good as Regenepure DR for hair loss prevention is Lipogaine Big 3. Although Lipogaine Big 3 has some distinct advantages also, it is missing one key ingredient that Regenepure DR has, Aloe Vera. Where I do believe it has helped hair growth, I would not recommend this product alone to fight hair loss -- I believe it is best used with 5% Minoxidil. On the flip side, I would also not recommend using Minoxidil alone, and would totally 100% recommend using this shampoo in addition. Also, the part in my hair is more narrow than it was before. Before it was wider and thinner. When I parted my hair before, there was either hair or there wasn't. There wasn't much in the way of little hairs growing to replace what fell out. It was just hair or skin.

Aim the sprayer at your area of thinning hair or hair loss area and pump the sprayer 6 times to apply an even 1 ml dose twice a day. My hair felt soft afterward and overall the experience was a positive one. So is it gentler than Nizoral as they claim?

This really depends on how frequently you wash your hair. However, usually our products last for about 6 weeks per bottle, sometimes longer. What will happen if I stop using the Precision Minoxidil Spray? You may notice a pleasant tingling sensation when first using the shampoo. This is especially true if you apply a fine layer to your hairlines. In addition, although not my primary concern, it does have a nice texture and smell (almost minty). So in conclusion, this product works. It is free of harsh chemicals, it contains the maximum amount of Ketoconazole allowed by law and includes the ingredients that most effectively mitigate irritation/inflamation. Anyone with sensitive skin or who is hypo allergenic should use Regenepure DR. This is tried, true and tested. It works. The kit comes with shampoo, deep follicle cleanser, scalp protector and the treatments. I also got the conditioner cuz I'm Italian and my hair is kind of dry. The scalp protector is has something in it that if I use the conditioner with it, it looks greasy so I stopped using the conditioner. I'm also taking their vitamins B-complex and their Saw Palmetto one.I didn't want to use anything chemical or something that had to be used forever or if it was stopped, bad things would happen with whatever progress had ben made.

Nizoral is available OTC in Europe in a 2% formulation, whereas Regenepure is a 1% only. This is a shame as a concentration of 2% has been shown to be significantly superior to zinc pyrithione (the most common active ingredient) when combating dandruff. For those in the US it doesn’t matter; 2% concentrations of ketoconazole are prescription only. The problem with Nizoral is that it contains some pretty harsh chemicals, especially in the US. Regenepure knows this and have been clever at marketing Regenpure as a gentler alternative to Nizoral. But how true are these claims? Regenepure DR is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and another class of chemicals known as parabens. Secondly, it contains Emu Oil and Aloe Vera which are very soothing and act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. This very effectively mitigates harsh effects of the skins exposure to Ketoconazole while removing the SLS & parabens altogether. Thirdly, it contains other ingredients that although have not been studied extensively like Ketoconazole are widely used in just about every hair loss/hair growth shampoo (Saw Palmetto, caffeine etc.). They said to expect extra fall out the first month which I didn't experience, seemed about the normal ton as usual, at least to me. I would like to inform you that the Regenepure NT does contain “Parfum,” whereas the Regenepure DR does not. However, both of our shampoos are naturally scented from their fine quality ingredients and are sulfate and paraben free making them gentle on all hair types, including those with Keratin and color-treated hair. How long do your shampoos typically last?Hair loss shampoo's are a dime a dozen and there are few that actually work. Actually, many will do more harm than good. There is only 1 ingredient in any shampoo on the market to date that is clinically shown to actually work. That ingredient is Ketoconazole. Now there are hairs that are sprouting. When it started, I didn't make much of it because I thought if it never really grew any longer, it wouldn't matter because it probably wasn't going to become a real strand of hair. But they are getting longer. I'm going to attach pictures so you can see. Minoxidil starts working immediately and long term results will occur after three to six months of continuous usage.

Cost - Although the price is arguable high, my bottles tend to last quite a while and I do believe the "you get what you pay for" line rings true here.

Regenepure Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Spray Topical Application and Benefits

This change of mind return policy is in addition to, and does not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law including any rights you may have in respect of faulty items. To return faulty items see our Returning Faulty Items policy. I've used another brand of Ketoconazole shampoo (Lipogaine, the Big 3) as well; however, it left my hair feeling noticeably dry (it's to my understanding that Ketoconazole is drying, which is why the Aloe in Regenepure helps counter balance that effect). Many people who use our products do not have issues with shedding, however some people may go through an initial shedding period. This may happen from 2 weeks-to-a month. What is happening is your roots are strengthening, causing your hair to shed. Regenepure DR fortifies your roots by penetrating the scalp and disrupting the production of DHT, which may cause shedding for a short time. Can I use DR and NT with ROGAINE foam? Can I use ROGAINE foam after Regenepure DR and Regenepure NT? Thank you. One of the benefits of the spray treatment, vis-a-vis droppers and foams, is that users never have to worry about product spillage or wastage.

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