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A young woman forced into nun-hood by her corrupt father teams up with an army of Muslims to destroy the convent and kill those who wronged her.

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Two notorious directors who are both well known for contributing significantly sleazy entries to almost all Italian exploitation movie sub-genres also helmed notable Nunsploitation movies: Joe D’Amato with Images In A Convent and ‘The Convent of Sinners and Bruno Mattei with ‘The Other Hell’ and ‘The True Story of the Nun of Monza’. After witnessing a man's death in a bizarre accident, Father Pergado goes on a spiritual retreat, where he encounters his alien double bent on world conquest. Japan too embraced the naughty nun and produced some of the most stylish of all Nunsploitation movies including such perverse delights as Nikkatsu studio's Sins of Sister Lucia, Cloistered Nun: Runa’s Confession, Sensual Sanctuary and Norifumi Suzuki's jaw-dropping School of The Holy Beast. A group of youngsters go out to a disco on Christmas Eve and accidentally run into a shepherd who has prepared himself for a night of pure insanity. Killer rabbits existed long before the Monty Python skit, as seen in the Gorleston Psalter, c. 1310-1324. (British Library Royal MS 49622, f. 13v.)The community had split into warring factions, one led by the prioress and the other by the lately arrived Lady Isabella de Clinton, widowed, well connected and related to the priory’s founder. A succession of bishops failed to keep a lid on Wroxall Priory and Bishop Bransford wrote of “recalcitrant nuns needing ecclesiastical censure”. Mexico produced the wonderfully titled Satanico Pandemonium which would later lend its name to Salma Hayek’s snake fondling stripper in Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez’ From Dusk Til Dawn. Sadly, for the romantics among us Mrs Goodrich debunks the lot. The famed “secret passage” leading from the old nunnery buildings in the direction of Worcester Cathedral is, she says, nothing more than a rather large drain.

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But I’m a little surprised that this article, in all its conjecture about why and what is the meaning of Marginalia, did not suggest this: what if Marginalia was simply doodling? an artistic outlet to pass the time away… with all of its nonsensical images and idle irreverent meanings? Has anyone seen someone else’s doodling? Its bizarre! funny, but just bizarre in the way that marginalia seems to be…. Justine (Koo Stark) wishes to remain innocent and virginal, but instead slips into a life of debauchery, torture, whipping, slavery and salaciousness. Meanwhile, her brazen, flirtatious and... See full summary» Although undoubtedly significant the prominence of the Catholic Church in Italian society is perhaps a less direct influence on the profusion of Nunspolitation films made in Italy in the 1970s than the economics of the exploitation film industry at that time. Popular Italian film genres such as the peplum, the giallo and the cannibal movies were crowded with as many imitators as innovators and the large number of Nunsploitation movies made in a relatively short period is consistent with this pattern. As previously noted producers were obviously keen to cash-in on the notoriety of Ken Russell's The Devils so welcomed any controversy and it’s worth noting that these were many of the same filmmakers who were concurrently churning out a cycle of Nazi-themed sexploitation films so it’s doubtful that they were too concerned about who might take offense.

The Pope was answering questions about digital and social media at a convention with seminarians when he turned his attention to porn and dropped that particular bombshell. He said that pornography “is a vice that so many people have. So many laymen, so many laywomen, and also priests and nuns. The devil enters from there.”

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The Book of Hours was an especially popular type of devotional text in the 14th and 15th centuries and was usually intended for the use of laypeople. It emerged from the tradition of the Psalter, which normally consisted of a book of Psalms plus other types of sacred material to aid the reader in prayer. Psalters and Books of Hours ranged from very modest examples to highly illustrated luxury objects. Of course, the latter are much more fun, and it is within these more expensively made tomes that we see some of the most memorable examples of marginalia. Some marginalia might have been tailored to the tastes of the patron, so it takes on this other level of meaning as well. These low-brow jokes are a nice reminder that medieval society wasn’t just about prayer and plagues.” In its generic elements and mise en scene the Nunsploitation movie is a close cousin to the Women in Prison film. The 2 sub-genres share many narrative themes and contrivances: the naïve novice unfairly imprisoned; the sadistic Warden/Mother Superior; the boiling over of sexual desires when institutionally oppressed. The prevailing view for most of the 19th and 20th centuries was that marginalia was nonsensical, unserious, profane, and had nothing to do with the sacred images it surrounded. It was only relatively recently, due to the work of scholars like Michael Camille and Lillian Randall, in particular, that marginalia became viewed as a genre worthy of study in and of itself. Camille has suggested that marginalia emerged from the tradition of the gloss, which is an explanatory note that helps elucidate difficult passages in the text. A gloss wasn’t a footnote; it was actually written into the margin, either in the original language of the book or in the vernacular. This movie, while marketed under the relatively innocuous English title "Loves of the Nympho", may be the most insane of the many insane offerings of Italian director Sergio Bergonzelli, who was already making the kind irredeemable sleaze in the early 70's that his fellow countrymen like Joe D'Amato, Andreas Bianchi, and Bruno Mattei would be churning out by the end of the decade. This seems to be a kind of sequel to Bergonzelli's earlier "Cristiana, Student of Scandal" (at least, if the title character hadn't died at the end of that)with Toti Achilli taking over the role Malissa Longo originally played as a college-age, ridiculously promiscuous, micro mini-skirted minx.The men of nunsploitation are generally destabilizing and punitive forces. They arrive as investigators, inquisitors, archbishops, dukes, domineering fathers, and exorcists, cloaked in the patriarchal power of church and state. Rape scenes are not irregular. The patriarchal fist is always closing around the final act of nunsploitation films, handing down sentences and doling out medieval punishments. This is a rare subgenre where you can almost always expect the Spanish Inquisition. Perhaps this isn’t all that surprising because there is something about a sexy nun, isn’t there? I’ve seen many “sexy nun” outfits around Halloween but struggle to recall anyone dressing as a “sexy priest”. Apart from the “Hot Priest” in Fleabag, obviously, and Friar F**k (who featured in the classic porn parody Thobbin’ Hood), there isn’t much in the way of sexy religious men. But the fantasy of a nun gone bad is so common it can be ranked alongside sexy secretary or the naughty nurse. In its generic elements and ‘mise en scene’ the Nunsploitation movie is a close cousin to the ‘Women in Prison’ film. The 2 sub-genres share many narrative themes and contrivances: the naive novice unfairly imprisoned; the sadistic Warden/Mother Superior; the boiling over of sexual desires when institutionally oppressed. Having renounced her former life of promiscuity, a nun's sexual and religious identity is challenged by a free-spirited new pupil at her convent and a fugitive killer. A group of nuns become possessed by demons and are then tortured in a dungeon of horrors during the inquisition.

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Two high-spirited young students at St. Francis Academy keep things hopping for the challenged Mother Superior and her staff of bewildered Sisters. She says: "There were two who were modern in their dress, and I don't want them walking around the convent in that. The scatology also needs contextualising like the elephants. In the early middle ages, bodily functions were not considered obscene (they returned to being so in the Renaissance, when secularism shifted swearing away from saints and iconography). Farting in particular was still considered acceptable as late as Johnson’s Dictionary, when other functions were ‘tastefully’ omitted. These images are rather like saying “monks are people too”, an understandable lament by a copist himself a monk, perhaps not even by his own choice (many younger sons having been parked in monasteries by their parents from a young age). In this sense some marginalia is likely doodling, tolerated as schoolboys doodling is tolerated (and sometimes wryly praised) in the margins of otherwise conscientious homework. Then she adds: “What really haunted the authorities was the fear of sexual impropriety, which would bring the monastic life into scandalous disrepute and take years to live down.” And so she visits Wroxall, where the prioress Agnes de Aylesbury, “a weak woman with many faults”, had lost control of the house, which “slid into serious disarray during her rule”. And there is the enduring ‘nuns and guns’ strain embodied by Lindsay Lohan’s machine gun-toting The Sister in Machete (2010).Bimba, a sixteen year old daughter of a wealthy family, is starting to show disturbing signs of demonic possession. The premise of most Nunsploitation movies revolves around a young woman who has done something to offend male figures of authority and is forcibly sequestered in a convent for her supposed moral protection. Once inside the girl often encounters a tyrannical Mother Superior whose own supressed sexual desires find expression in sadistic punishments meted out to disobedient novices; other young nuns who, when they are unable to smuggle lovers into their chambers under the cover of night, indulge in lesbian liaisons and the exchange of homemade pornography; and a visiting priest whose presence often inspires the nuns to further frottage and frenzy. The common explanation given for nuns' licentious behaviour is of course demonic possession and this usually necessitates some form of communal exorcism.

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